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Synergy Circuits is an ISO certified company that offers comprehensive Engineering-CAD-Manufacturing printed circuit board solutions. Our strength in PCB layout for cost effective fabrication, and assembly has been the core value of our service. Synergy has experience in ATE, Medical, Telecom, Commercial, and Industrial Printed Circuit Board development from concept to final assembly.
We specialize in end-to-end PCB development, as well as PCB cost optimization with our strong knowledge in multi-regional Design For Manufacturing capabilities and cost drivers. We also have customers provide us cost reduction targets on existing products in production, and we can evaluate the PCB design for cost optimization.

  • High Speed Digital PCB designs
  • High Frequency RF/ Microwave PCB
  • Fine Pitch/Multi-DUT ATE Final Test boards
  • Multi-DUT Wafer Sort Probe boards
  • Template (Advantest T2K/93K/6600/legacy Testers)
  • Template (Terradyne I-Flex/U-Flex/Ultra-Flex/J750/ETS testers)
  • Motherboard-to-Interchangeable Daughter board Testing Concepts
  • PCB designed into Medical devices
  • HDI designs for fine pitch BGA circuitry
  • Up to 64 layers PCB construcion
  • Up to 60Gbps transmission lines
  • Detailed Documentation of Fabrication-Assembly drawings


Turnkey support from circuit development
to PCB with an enclosure including high speed,
RF, and high current simulations.
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to your projects' needs.
Your sloution in taking
a concept to a finished product.
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