Electronic Engineering

Analog/Digital designs, RF/Microwave designs, and High speed designs up to 60Gbps.

PCB Circuit design and hierarchical schematic design Component Library creation, updation and maintainance
DFM and DFA analysis
DRC and LVS verification
PCB layer Stack up, Impedance profile and LCR parasitics analysis and optimization
ASIC Design and System design solutions
Template creation for differnet testers and maintaining independent database for various designs.

Signal and Power Integrity simulations for PCB and Package:

  • Layer stack up optimization.
  • S-parameter measurements and channel optimization.
  • Chip - Package - PCB channel pre-simulation and post-simulation for 25G+ frequencies.
  • Crosstalk and TDR Simulations and optimization.
  • PCB decap requirements and optimization.
  • PCB Power supply impedance profile and Loop inductance measurements.
  • 3D/2.5D Model Extraction using HFSS/SIwave and Electrical Simulations using Sigrity, ADS and Designer tools.


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