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Signal and Power Integrity simulations for PCB:

  • Schematic development and analysis (Can be from a block diagram on a paper or just an idea).
  • Schematic simulations to check the voltage drops, current peaks, and circuit functionality.
  • Signal Integrity simulations up to 45GHz include 3D via and component modeling, timing analysis and S parameter extraction.
  • ⚬ IBIS model creation and validation.
  • ⚬ Connector pad optimization.
  • Power Integrity simulations including DC drop analysis and Power Delivery Network plots.
  • ⚬ Current density 3d plot.
  • ⚬ Impedance of the Power Delivery Network at multiple locations to provide decoupling techniques.
  • ⚬ Frequency vs Impedance plot.
  • Thermal/EMI/EMC Analysis at system and PCB level. We provide a report consisting board temperatures, airflow, and temperature distribution.
  • ⚬ Hot spot detection and correction proposals.
  • ⚬ Heat sink solutions and cooling proposals.
  • Complete Hardware development support.
  • Reverse Engineering from Gerber data only.
  • Our EE engineers are well versed with the different application requirement including Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Computing, Semiconductor Industries, Medical, Military, Power supplies, and Telecommunication.