Frequently Asked Questions


What data is needed for a quote?

1. End application with a block diagram if it is a prototype request.
2. Schematic and/or netlist imported layout file.
3. Mechanical outline and restrictions (if any.)
4. The tool you want this design done (Cadence, Mentor Graphics, or Altium.)


What tool does Synergy Circuits use for layout?

Our preferred tool is Cadence Allegro 17.4. We can offer expedite by assigning multiple designers on the layout.


How does Synergy exchange Files?

We have a setup a secure Box ftp to transfer files with our clients, and a request for a folder can be requested from the link below:


What are your deliverables?

Design files, Gerber data, ODB++ data, Final BOM, 3d step file, dxf file. Any other file exportable from the layout tool can be requested.


Does Synergy support Hardware development?

Yes, all we need is a block diagram with the end application with much detail as possible.


Does Synergy support Simulations?

Yes, we support SI and PI simulations.


Does Synergy provide quick turn layout?

Yes, we have 2 shifts and using the “Symphony” tool, we can partition as needed and assign multiple designers.


Does Synergy provide any standalone service?

1. Schematic development (R&D)
2. Schematic capture
3. Footprint creation
4. Placement
5. Routing
6. SI/PI simulations
7. Reverse Engineering from Gerbers


What Design for Engineering (DFM) guidelines does Synergy follow?

Synergy has DFM guidelines for multiple PCB factories. Up to 70 layers in USA, HDI/Flex/Production in Taiwan.


Does Synergy have a gate for review?

Yes, Synergy will provide the placement layout, with step files mapped for all components. That helps in checking the mechanical clearances. If all looks good, we proceed with routing. For small and simple jobs, we do not wait for placement approval.


What certifications do Synergy Circuits have?

We are IPC, ISO and ITAR Registered


What companies have you worked with?

Under NDA we are not allowed to disclosed specific companies. With over 30+ years of experience in Medical, Commercial, Military, ATE Test Boards, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Industrial applications, we can support you in any phases of the development process.


What are payment options?

We prefer CC for payments. Terms available.

I don’t see my question(s) listed here?

Where can I go for more information? Feel free to reach out to us through phone 8-5pm PST or email. Guarantee response within 12 hrs.[Contact Us]

All this sounds great, how do we start?

There are multiple ways. You can reach us by phone, email, or upload your files to our secure website. Guarantee response within 12 hrs. [Contact Us] [Upload Files]