PCB Design Solutions

Our Design capabilities include the full design flow from an idea to the final Box Build. This Includes Schematic development, Schematic capture, Schematic simulations, PCB Layout, stack-up optimization, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Simulations, and EMI verification,

Synergy Circuits design services include:

  • Specializations in a wide range of Engineering Processes & Tooling including Machining, Metal and Plastic Injection Molding, Electronic Wiring & PCB fabrication and assemblies.
  • 30+ years of experience in developing and designing Commercial board and Test board designs for Analog, High Speed Digital, Mixed Signal, RF signals up to 45 GHz.
  • Various engagements in 5G network PCB (Printed Circuit Board) development. Test boards for BGAs designed for 5G networks. RF products related to broadcasting for 5G network requirements. Characterization PCBs for bench testing environments for 5G Applications.
  • Highly experienced in designing test boards for leading ATE test system Vendor’s Tester Platforms.
  • Experience in designs requiring leading interface and high-speed technologies such as USB, HDMI, UART, Thunderbolt 3, PCIe, SATA, SAS, DDR4, Ethernet PHY Interface/Serdes, and more.
  • Experience in Selecting optimum PCB materials when required including high frequency laminates (Rogers/Tachyon), high temp requirements (Arlon85n), and RF requirements (Rogers/MW2000/Tachyon100G).
  • Stack up optimization for high layer count PCBs (60 layers) and experience in handling Multiple Impedance control (50/85/90/100/150 ohm) on the same board.
  • Experienced in Design of ELIC boards (Every Layer Interconnect/HDI laser/filled stacked-vias) for Smartphone or other Mobile PCB applications.
  • Experience with fine pitch BGA (0.3mm) and multiple high pin count FCBGAs.
  • Specialized in commercial high speed and high layer count designs with multiple FBGAs including Processors, Memory units, High speed interfacing units, Controllers, Power modules/heat sinks and multiple IO interface ports/connectors.
  • We have been providing services for various industries that include Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor Industries, Telecommunications, Medical, Aero-space and Military applications.
  • IC verification and testing.